Wildlife gardening in York

In a world where the natural habitat of wildlife is decreasing, we can offer a safe sanctuary using your very own garden.

What can you expect?

  • Pond creation
  • Bug house creation
  • Bird box construction
  • Wildflower meadow creation
  • Wildlife garden design services and much more
  • If you are an ardent lover of Mother Nature and would like to host a wildlife preserve on your own doorstep, give DMD Contracting a call today.

    Wildlife garden design

    Based on the flora and fauna that suit your location, we offer wildlife garden design services. We’ll help you build a garden with bird boxes, bat boxes and coppicing that offers the perfect backdrop for you but also goes some way to aiding conservation.

    Conservation specialists

    We strive to use our knowledge and services for the ecological benefit of the local people. We look at the benefit made to the area or garden where we are working. We can also provide fencing for your garden as well.

    For wildlife gardening, call DMD Contracting on
    07948 344 365 today